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Benefits of HOA

What Are Homeowners Associations and Why Do They Work

The number of HOAs in the U.S. has increased from 10,000 in 1970 to more than 328,000 today as homeownership has increased and more multi-unit dwellings have been constructed. If you’re not familar with hoa collections and property management, it might be useful for you to visit a website like equityexperts.org to learn more about them. HOAs serve an important purpose for a homeowner and they have multiple benefits.

According to HOA-USA:

  • A homeowner association is typically a non-profit corporation that is created by a developer when a community is in the planning stages and prior to sale of the first home.
  • Membership in the homeowner association is mandatory.
  • The association is governed by a board of directors which initially is the developer and his representatives.
  • Control of the association remains with the developer until a specified percentage of homes are sold (usually 2/3 or higher).
  • The developer then transitions control to a new board of directors which are elected by the residents.

The primary goal of HOAs is to maintain and enhance property values. HOA members want to protect the value of shared amenities on the property, such as the pool, the tennis courts and the clubhouse. Homeowners and the association work to create rules that set standards of conduct to preserve these amenities.

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Whether you live in or rent out your unit(s) here in sunny San Diego County, we understand that managing your Homeowner Association Board can be a time-consuming, energy-draining process. We understand that most Board Members are volunteering their time, with little training to fall back upon. That’s where we can help you!

We offer our expertise as a HOA Management Company to maximize your investment. Your HOA can benefit from more efficient management, lease, legal and maintenance resources of PropertyADVANTAGE.

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Save your time and secure your properties with our HOA management team on the job. Whether you live in or rent out your unit(s), managing a HOA board can be a time and energy consuming process. We offer our expertise as a homeowner association management company to maximize your investment.

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